Why won’t people realise that if there is no people there is no growth, no money, no anything? If the Earth keeps showing us signs that we are putting to much pressure on it and its still not enough for action then what will it take for change to occur?

It is a fact that the world’s population is aging, even if some countries are just at the beginning stages of it. Advances in medicine have seen mortality decline and life expectancy increase, while the increase in education and family planning has seen a decrease in per women births. So soon there will be less people to operate all those business functions that have been developed in this period of globalisation and growth. If all these facts are known then why are we still striving for growth of GDP? What does that get us in the long run?


go peanut go!

the things you find on youtube :)

all back

michael kors backstage f11 via


how much does a fashion show add to a brand?
so much work is put into it and then it is over as quickly as it began.
is it just a promotional tool to purvey the current collections mood? or is it to show the world how much star power it can pull?

who cares the backdrop at Chanel was EPIC

one of the ones you want to be there for..

hermes fall 2011
The Sartorialist photos do it better justice

the other side

I have spent the last few weeks reading New York FW, London FW and now Milan FW blog posts from various sources and everytime I get onto Bloglovin its a little daunting just how many bloggers get to attend and therefore how many different posts relating to the same collection there are.

I envy the tastemakers who get to see everything first, the buzz of a new collection and the way the designer or design house has taken the brand, can be such a rush. I used to love opening a magazine and seeing all the new season runway looks all edited and glossy but now seeing each bloggers chosen favourites and full runway posts on multiple sites takes away some of the fun.

I want to be able to share my opinions on these collections here but I feel like I am the 1000th person to do it and the originality is gone.

Another thing that instant sharing of collections does is make it a lot easier for lesser brands to copy before the real clothing has hit stores. If I am paying top dollar for a designer item I want it to be mine, not everyone’s.

great styling

Posted on Fashion Gone Rogue this shoot has some great androgynous looks and features many designer pieces. I feel that there is a trick to getting androgynous looks right and for some body types its quite hard. I have many times ended up looking too mannish.
I can’t wait until the Pip Vassett website is up and running. The looks she created for this Yen shoot are so well put together and make me want to BUY!


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